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3 Advantages You Get From Using Transactional SMS Services

It is essential to keep your customers happy as well as notified. To keep them well informed it is vital for you to send them notification when you are offering a good deal or a discount

Imagine what would happen if your customer is unaware of this offer earlier and only learns about it when she comes to your shop. She will first feel terrible, and then she will think that you do not care about her business.

It will damage your relationship significantly. Eventually, your customer will stop coming to your shop as well as go around giving negative feedback about your store.

It is essential for you to use a transactional SMS service provider to resolve problems like to progress. By using their services, you will have no excuse for not reaching out your customers.

Keep Your Customers Happy: Customers happiness is the foundation for the success of any business. You can keep them happy by sending them information about the new products, discounts as well as the deals.

Apart from keeping them informed, it will substantially boost up your sales. Usually, customers prefer buying goods or services in only certain stores. When you are targeting your loyal customers, you will strike the gold.

You can send them the messages regularly so that they can take advantage of your offers. They will also not forget your brand when they receive messages from you frequently.

During the festivals, you can send them greetings from your stores or company. It is a wonderful feeling for your clients as they feel you value and remember them.

Reaching New Customers: By using the Bulk SMS services, you can reach out to you new customers without any delay. They will get acquainted with your brand because of these messages.

If you are offering excellent products, discounts or deals, they will be very much interested in reaching out to you. It is one of the fastest ways to build up your business and in boosting up your brand image.

You will get very high returns on the investment. If you are a start-up that is looking for marketing tools to enhance your business, bulk SMS is the solution. Both large and small companies are taking advantage of this option.

Within no time you will reach many new potential clients thereby building up a strong customer base.

Benefits You Enjoy: Since the majority of the people use phones today and around 98% of them check their phones frequently. You can reach out to the target audience quickly.

You have the freedom to send the messages 24/7. All that you need is an excellent internet to deliver your messages promptly.

The best part of this unique service is that you can send it to many people with just one click. It is also not that costly when compared with other marketing campaigns making it the best way to reach people.

By using a transactional SMS service provider, you will reach your business goals faster.

Make Life Easier With Missed Call Alerts

Things have changed quite drastically over the last couple of decades or so. Communication has become not only simpler but also a whole lot faster. Moreover, there are so many different modes of communication these days. Right from the good old telephones, mobile phones, fax, mail, email the list is endless. Despite all these being there, the one that stands ahead of the others when it comes to connecting people in times of an emergency is the mobile phone. Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone with them.

Hence, it is considered the best mode of communication in this day and age. However, there are certain times when people are not available on their mobile phones for a variety of reasons. Under such circumstances if a person gets an important call which one has been waiting for long time then it can cause of lot of confusion. This could have devastating effects on people’s lives at times, as many important news and information is communicated through mobile calls. People often complain about losing out on glorious opportunities for their lack of availability at the right time. It is for this reason knowing that one had a missed call when the phone was switched off or unavailable and getting the missed call number immediately can help a lot of people all over the world.

Missed Call Alerts

Since people have been facing issues like the ones mentioned above, there was a great need of a service whereby the mobile phone user is notified about any calls that may have been made on his or her number while it was unavailable for whatever reasons. There have been many incidences of lost opportunities because of a missed call.

People do not get important projects at work lose out on great job options or even are unable to attend emergencies in the family due to being unreachable on their phones. While the reasons for their phones being unreachable are quite understandable, but once the time is gone nothing can be changed. The user’s phone’s battery may run out of charge or the user may be in a place where the connectivity isn’t the best, which may prevent the call being connected. It is for times like these that the missed call alerts are extremely helpful. This service ensures that the user is notified immediately about the missed calls, so that the user can contact the caller immediately if it is necessary.

What is Missed Call Alert?

The concept of missed call alerts is quite simple; it has become quite popular in India over the past few years too. If a mobile phone user who has subscribed to the missed call alerts gets a call from a number when the user’s mobile phone is not available, then with the help of the missed call alerts it is possible to get the phone number from which a call was missed. The user will automatically get an SMS mentioning the number from which the user has missed a call. The SMS will be delivered the moment the user’s phone is available again. Apart from this, the message will also specify the time at which the original call was made. This is a very helpful service which can solve a lot of problems for the mobile phone users who live in an area which does not have great connectivity or for those people who have to travel a lot.

SMS Marketing in India and it’s promising prospects

Marketing is running out of new ideas. Everything that the modern media has been tried out for marketing purposes. Starting with generic advertisements in digital and printed media like newspapers and television, to social media marketing has been tried over time. Personalised marketing, spam mails and pop-ups, video ads etc. were all hits for some time but then people found a way to bypass them.

The latest in marketing, mass marketing to be specific, is SMS marketing. There are a lot of regulations in the country regarding sending bulk SMS and only a few authentic messaging services can provide this opportunity.

The first obstacle is the presence of different network gateways in the country. In one marketing SMS, you might have to reach thousands of customers and potential clients who may be using different network gateways. It might be a little difficult to connect and send SMS over all the different network gateways with one SMS.

The second issue with SMS Marketing in India is to go to the messaging service website or application every time you need to send a marketing SMS. It might be difficult if you are sending a lot of these messages with information like stock tips. Only a selected few authentic bulk messaging service providers have APIs that you can integrate into your website or application which makes it easier to send these bulk SMSs.

Also, TRAI or Telecom Registry Authority of India has quite a few regulations as to under which conditions one can send bulk SMS because it can be a distraction and inconvenience to receive generic messages all the time. So while providing the bulk messaging services, it is important to adhere to the regulations as well. All these things need to be taken care of and only a few messaging service providers have the capability to handle all this.

The hardest thing to achieve in bulk messaging is to personalize the messages for the client. It’s mostly generic content that is forwarded in bulk messaging. However, with an excel plug-in it would be possible to send personalized bulk messages with a single click. Only a few bulk messaging service providers have this facility.

It would also be nice to have a feedback mechanism with the bulk messaging service. The clients have a way to return their responses, complaints or suggestions and it would be easier for you as a business, company or organization to improve yourself with the help of this feedback mechanism.

With the help of a good bulk messaging service provider, you can get strategic mobile marketing. It will help create your brand image, brand awareness amongst customers and drive consumer interest. With the correct assessment of the target audience, you can improve your marketing strategies as well.

You can avail both Push Services and Pull Services. You can get to the smart consumers at all hours and generate leads and handle them even in the middle of the night.

This is crucial in building a strong customer and company relationship.

It is important to manage your marketing campaign properly to maximise the output. It is equally important to analyze the performance of your marketing campaign to make the required changes. When you get in touch with a professional SMS marketing agency, they will provide you with an efficient solution, commonly a dashboard with all the information and controls to manage and improve your marketing campaign.

You can achieve all these at affordable prices. When it comes to SMS Marketing in India, the service providers generally have a flat rate and it is easy to work with them.

Marketing Tactics that Work

Marketing has gone through a whole series of different changes with the introduction of newer technology. With cell phones, the internet, and constant connectivity, we’re now able to reach more consumers than ever. Marketing is the act of making the public aware of your product, and inspiring them to want to purchase it in some way.

This could be a service or a physical item. Marketing highlights the very best attributes of whatever it is that you’re selling, and puts this in the Public’s eye as much as possible. This is why it’s an integral part of any sales system, and it’s what keeps the economy going around. Anyone who has something to sell needs to figure out how to sell it. This really gives birth to marketing tactics.

You’ll need to understand exactly what kind of audience you’re trying to reach, and the best ways to reach them. Let’s face it, almost everybody has a cell phone nowadays. This is why marketing directly to the mobile services can actually get the word out faster. You can get your product information in every person’s home one way or another.

Marketing is the Keystone to buying and selling anything. Every single time you turn on your television, you’re subjected to commercials and pitches that are supposed to incite some sort of action. The best-case scenario involves you immediately going out in purchasing something based entirely off of information that you’ve received, prompting you to do so. Marketing is a much more complex process than many people give it credit for. It involves a multi-tiered approach to convincing the consumer to do something. It needs to be handled from several different angles, and it needs to adopt several different media sources.

This is why many companies Outsource their marketing to other companies that specialize in it. Larger companies may have an inside marketing department, but most smaller companies trust others to get the word out. If your product is good, and you believe in what it does, then marketing can definitely work for you. Fortunately, there are a huge number of different reputable marketing companies that you can contact using the internet. Many of these can provide you products and services based entirely on your needs. Whether you’re wanting to put something on television, or you’re looking for a virtual number service, these are just a few of the options that are open to you:

SMS Marketing

In a world where everybody walks around holding a cell phone, SMS and text messaging are a fantastic way to reach the population. Going through a good marketing company will allow you to reach out to people using these services. These professionals will understand the importance of the repetitive Act of getting your message out there. If somebody’s looking for a product or service, and the solution pops up on their cell phone, then there’s a very good chance they’re going to call that company.


This is another great way to get your message directly into the homes and lives of consumers. Having an email campaign run by a competent marketing company can introduce your product in a way that’s both fun and effective.

Phone Calls

Many companies will actually offer phone call services. They’ll go through a list of approved numbers, and will Market your product directly to the consumer. This is a great tactic, and one that works on a much more personal level. Many marketing professionals have the Charisma and the professional talent to do this. These are marketing tactics that actually reach directly into your home and life. They are a fantastic way to tell people how wonderful a product is without having to use costly commercials or ad time.

Why Companies Opt a Bulk SMS Marketing Strategy

Reaching out to new consumers is an important aspect of marketing and sales for any business. While some companies initiate promotional offers or hand out pamphlets and fliers to potential consumers, other organizations choose to focus on marketing with a bulk SMS service. Ranked high in terms of affordability in addition to a swift delivery, using a bulk SMS gateway in India is a great way to spread the word about your latest goods and services.

Read on to better understand the positive aspects of using this service for your concern.

A one-click marketing strategy

Few other marketing strategies offer you the expansive reach bulk messages do. Moreover, the amount of effort you must exert in conventional marketing strategies is exhaustive as compared to the one-click effort taken by bulk services. Be it a usual advertisement, a seasonal discount or a new product launch that you wish to popularize, these services handle the task perfectly.

Simplicity of use

It often happens that the simplest of solutions are the most inventive ones. Marketing plans of a company spearheaded by bulk messaging certainly proves this. With an uncomplicated application, the service is founded on basic aspects like a strong network and uninterrupted internet connectivity.

All you have to do is devise a clear and succinctly worded text that informs and allures your potential clients the moment it is delivered to them by the SMS gateway in India.

Focuses on rapid deliveries

The entire aim of this service is to ensure that all your potential clients see the message at the earliest. It is to make sure that they can avail any mentioned offers and or best subscribe to the advertised goods and services. Too much lag time between the sending and delivery of the messages is a failure on the part of the service providers. This is why you must be particular when choosing the right SMS gateway in India.

Captures every smartphone user

In today’s digital age, everyone uses a smartphone. Right from teenagers to seniors every individual has a mobile phone in hand. So matter what your target audience is, it is likely that they will be using a smartphone and looking at their screens every so often. This is precisely why bulk SMS is an ingenious marketing strategy. It promises you great reach without any compromises with your message.

Especially beneficial for advertising a new business

When you are a freshly launched business on the local market, you tend to face the challenge of battling rough competition from well-known companies that are your business rivals. This is why you need a quick way to spread the word of your launch.

Bulk messaging is a neat way to do this and shall increase your brand renown manifold with just one single click!

SMS Marketing – An Effective Way To Reach Consumers

To gain a bigger share of the pie, marketers across industries are trying to woo customers. E-mails, phone calls, personal visits; they try just about anything to increase their market share. As a result an average consumer receives multiple calls during the day. The pesky calls are bound to annoy potential customers and the callers too feel demotivated on a vehement response. In the ultimate scenario, it’s a ‘no-win’ situation. The need of the hour is to send targeted messages to customers. This is where a SMS Marketing steps in!

As mobile phone users are continuously on the rise, reaching their inbox directly is the best way to advertise. Here are a few marked benefits of SMS marketing or mobile marketing:

  • Fast: Bulk SMS Marketing is the fastest way you can reach your potential clients. It’s all about getting your data base ready and deciding on what your message should read. With just a click of the button, you can send bulk SMS message to scores of people across the globe.
  • Wide Reach: Research suggests that nearly 98% of the SMS messages are opened and read. Without exaggeration, nearly 90% are read within 3 minutes of receiving! With such high figures, imagine the level of penetration SMS Marketing can create.
  • Eco-Friendly: In comparison to direct mail, newspaper and personal visits, SMS marketing has no carbon footprint, making it the most eco-friendly way to communicate and reach-out to consumers.
  • Convenient: Mobile phones being always handy, customers can view and re-view message again and get back at their own convenience. SMS Marketing also saves them from answering disturbing promotional phone calls.
  • Always Accessible: E-mails go unread, advertisements ignored and leaflets discarded. Also, we might misplace the small paper wherein we had scribbled the address and details of the vendor. But it’s not the case with SMS messages. Mobiles are an integral part of our lives and we do not step out of our home or office without them. With all information stored within in the form of an SMS, reaching the vendor is easy and simple.

If you too want to take your business to dizzy heights, consider taking advantage of the best bulk SMS deals in India. At SMS Deals, we are experts at designing your SMS marketing campaign. Our customized plans and lucrative deals ensure the best returns on investment.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Make Mobile Marketing a Priority

The Mobile market has increased in recent times, as people prefer to seek the important information on their mobile phones instead opening the websites on the PC or laptops. The companies are designing the websites that are mobile responsive and consumers can scroll through the products and services of the companies in an easy manner. The Mobile Marketing is making its way in the present time because of the mobile majority users are increasing day by day. Many service companies like SMS Deals INC. is helping their clientele with this type of marketing efforts.

Five Reasons to go ahead with Mobile Marketing

Most of the companies, in order to reach a maximum number of users, use the Mobile Marketing so that they can reach the maximum consumers. Here are some five reasons that why companies prefer this kind of marketing:-

  • Wider Reach: The mobile devices have a wider reach as people use the Smartphones, IPhones, IPad, Tablets etc. to scroll the varied products and services of different companies from the internet. The online marketing business is thriving much because people prefer seeing the websites on their mobile devices. Most of the people do not use PC or Laptop to seek the company’s products and services but the mobile devices.
  • Social Media Advertising: The Social Media has added the advertisements platforms through which the companies can reach to the consumers in large number. People can reach the consumers through the social media advertisings by clicking the button and they can get the required information about the company.
  • Usage of Virtual Reality: The companies can use the virtual reality in their ads that will make them more engaging and effective and this will help the companies to reach to a maximum number of users. The Mobile Marketing has helped the companies to turn this type of marketing into a profit making business and they can get the best return on investments too.
  • Conversion Rate: The conversion rate for the mobile users into the paying customers has increased in the recent times because mobile device users have increased more in the market. The customers to scroll the new products and services of the companies use the mobile phones the whole time. Even most of the popular brands have their own mobile apps to see the products and services of the company easily.
  • Policies of Google: Even Google has issued guidelines for the companies to make their websites mobile friendly so that the users can scroll the sites easily on their mobile devices. This will help the company’s website to grow top in the rankings with the positive feedback from the consumers.

Lastly, here are some of the top reasons that have made the marketing through mobile devices to grow at a faster rate.

Don’t worry about missing out on any important calls

Most of the time it is seen that people can miss out on the important phone calls that were important for their business but they were not able to attend because of unavoidable conditions. It can be because of the phone may have been switched off or the person is out of the network area that can also hamper the business in a great way. For this, the companies can take the services of Missed Call Alerts that can help them to get in touch with the clientele or consumers whenever they are in the network area. The companies can take the services from the outsourcing companies like SMS Deals Inc that provides it at reasonable rates.

Beneficial Effects of the Missed Call Service

Most of the people have their work connected through phone and if the mobile device is not in working condition then it can cause a huge amount of loss to them. For this, many popular companies provide Missed Call Alerts services and one can be benefited with its usage in the following ways:-

  • Get in touch within time: – The business personal can get in touch with the other business houses in lesser time if they avail this service. With this, if the person mobile device is switched off then after coming in the network area or after it is in working condition one can get the details of missed calls on their device.
  • Reaching out to Important Consumers: – With the help of this service, one can reach to the important clients and consumers well on time. This will help in maintaining the good relationship with your clients and consumers. The missed calls service sends the details of the concerned person through messages.
  • Helps you in Giving Immediate Response: – No business house would like to miss the important calls and they can only give the immediate response to their clientele if they are availing the missed call service. The immediate response to the company’s consumers will help in increasing the business and in retaining the consumers too.
  • Helpful for Business:- Nowadays, even Missed Call Alerts service is proving useful for business houses in generating polls or reaching out to a large number of consumers via a missed call. This helps in converting the prospective users into the long-term company customers most of the times.

So, if you are looking forward to increasing your business and do not want to miss out on the important calls then the Missed call service will help the companies to reach out to their consumers and clientele within a specific time.

Top 5 Facts about Bulk SMS and SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS services are helping the businesses to reach out to the consumers in large with the help of the firms that are rendering this service. It is one of the best ways to do the advertising of the products and services as most of the people are using Smart-phones and tablets in present day world. As the technology is ever changing so people can even reply to the messages they get from the software used by these companies.

This is only possible through the Bulk SMS Gateway that helps in changing the E-mail format into the messages form and it can be sent to the target audiences at once. Here are some five versatile facts about the Bulk SMS and the SMS Gateway that the businesses need to consider.

Sending messages through Soft-wares

With the help of the Bulk SMS Gateway, the SMS firms send the messages in bulk to the target audiences and the consumers of the company about their new offers and discounts. Under this, the messages are either send directly through a website or through special software apps. The databases are provided either by the business houses or the services companies already possess it.

Usage of Excel Plug-in Software

The companies are using excel plug-in software in order to easily send the messages in order to send the Bulk SMS or the personalized messages to the consumers across the nation. This software also contains versatile features like the name and other credentials of the recipient from excel sheet.

Checking the Quality of SMS Gateway Provider

As the messages are sent from the gateways to the mobile operators so the businesses or the service companies needs to look out for the proper network. The company can either choose the expensive or cheap network according to their budget as to get the Bulk SMS Gateway.

Message Options

The character length of the messages that can be sent to the customers usually offered by the companies is 160 characters but most of the SMS service providers also render the options of a large message. The message length can be more than 160 characters.

Provision of API

The SMS service companies also provide API for the developers that can encode the option of sending Bulk SMS with the web panels and online software in order to send the messages automatically to the target audience or existing consumers.

Lastly, it can be seen that the SMS gateway provided for sending Bulk SMS to the consumers should be proper and there should not a disruption in them.

SMS Deals Inc – Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider

As the present day business is becoming competitive so the desire of company owners to reach out to their consumers well in time will keep them ahead of their competitors. This can be only done if the company is well versed with the online sources of getting in touch with the consumers through the websites or through SMS. Nowadays, everyone uses tablets and Smart-phones so companies are taking the services of the SMS service providers who can provide the Bulk SMS Service to the businesses. This is one of the affordable mediums in the internet-marketing world as businesses can send bulk SMS in one go to many users.

Choosing the Reliable SMS Providers

As the sending of bulk SMS is becoming meaningful in today’s business world so many companies are taking the Bulk SMS Service from the reliable dealers like SMS Deal Inc. that has made its mark in this area. They provide safe and timely delivery of business SMS provided by their clientele that can aware the customers of business products and services. Most of the SMS plans given by the company are an affordable and large volume of messages can be sent in just one click. Here are some of the points that will throw light on choosing the Reliable Bulk SMS Service providers

  • Firstly, the business house should do a better market research about the right SMS service provider so that it will help in getting the best services at affordable prices. It can be done through wider online search and even the business owners can initially talk with the customer care executives to know about the Bulk SMS plans.
  • After the selection of the two or three service providers, the company should meet them personally to tell them about the SMS requirements and the preferable section of users. The company owners can also provide the database of the target audience that the SMS firm should send messages to and the number of messages that should be sent.
  • The company owners can also ask about the quotes of the SMS provider companies and according to the businesses, a budget should choose the right service providers.
  • The business owners while selecting one service provider for sending the messages to their consumers should keep in mind that the Bulk SMS Service go strictly with their business operations, nature of a business and the important requirements to avoid any kind of problem later on.

Lastly, it can be seen that with the services from the reliable SMS service provider the company can reach the target audience fast and create a market for themselves.