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If you are planning to buy Group Sms volume, then choose our premium sms India packages. We have several packages to meet the varying demands of different customers. We provide you with special bulk sms software through excel to send sms to any mobile in India. Bulk Sms benefits are manifold and they get you more traffic towards your shop or office. It is an easiest way of alerting your target audience about your business and increasing the sales of the company. Choose our group sms service and enjoy more revenues every week and annually. Group sms marketing helps a mass of people to receive any promotional sms alert in a single point and in a very less time. This service is being practiced in various states of India where people use to send information to a group having numbers of different states and can easily broad cast sms to all numbers of different states and with different operators. Premium sms marketing can be pushed with the help of managing groups in our panel or by using the sms software which is begin provided by us as free sms software which can be easily installed on an excel sheet and is named as XL Plug-in Tool, through which one can easily broadcast heavy campaigns through the data base managed in ones excel sheet. It helps to send sms with regular speed and also helps operator to deliver sms instantly. It also allows the tech team to manage the ques of messages so is easy to service with priority sms service. We provide bulk sms service to all over India and not only selling we are also providing best services to our users, sms service is a critical service so we are managing it in such a way that complaints level remains very low and we always try to resolve all queries on a single call or mail, so we call it a Premium Bulk Sms.

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Bulk SMS Frequently Asked Question

Q.What is sms?

Ans. Ans. This allows you to send short messages directly to your mobile phone. An SMS message can have a maximum length 160 characters.

Q: What are the benefits of your SMS service for you?

Ans: Bulk and single messaging, grouping functionality, low cost per message, fast delivery, fee zero up front.

Q. What is the length of the standard SMS?

Ans. Standard SMS messages can be up to 160 characters in length.

Q. What is promotional SMS?

Ans. Promotional SMS refers to the SMS that is sent in order to promote a product or service. This SMS is used to promote a product or brand. These SMS cannot be sent to DND numbers outside of the 9 AM-9 PM timeframe.

Q. What is transactional SMS?

Ans. These messages can be sent at any time, 24 hours a day.

Q. What are the SMS Deals – # 1 Bulk SMS Service Provider India?

Ans – SMS Deals provides a simple and effective way to send messages with a 24x7 support team. This will help you in your business expansion.

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